Sunday, May 29, 2011

Accessing the 4.2 Hyjal Pet Vendors

Since the source of the Crimson Lasher and Hyjal Bear Cub has been confirmed by MMO-Champion now, I figured I'd start a post on the long (and possibly tedious road) to gaining access to the vendors that will sell the companions.

The following has been observed while on the PTR, but keep in mind the numbers and process could change before patch 4.2 goes live.

Total time required before being able to purchase the pets:
- about one month
Total number of marks of the world tree required:
- 570 marks
- Phase 1: 20 marks

- Phase 2 & 2.5: a total of 300 marks (150 marks for Shadow Wardens, 150 marks for Druids of the Talon)

- Phase 3 and on: a total of 250 marks (125 marks for Filling the Moonwell, 125 marks for Calling the Ancients) + another set of 125 marks for Additional Armaments if you desire a chance at the Searing Scorchling
Number of dailies and marks that can be earned per day/phase
Prerequisite: Complete the lvl 80 Hyjal quest chain up to and including Aessina's Miracle. After doing so, you can pick up the breadcrumb quest from a Stormwind or Orgrimmar Call Board that will lead you to Mount Hyjal. Note that you must be level 85 to start the new questing and daily hub.

Phase 1: 20 marks needed to proceed to phase 2
- initial quests grant 12 marks, need 8 more from dailies

- 3 dailies per day
- 4 marks total per day
Transition quest(s): Leyara oriented quests

Phase 2: 150 marks needed to proceed to phase 3 (Shadow Wardens), 150 marks needed to proceed to phase 3 (Druids of the Talon)
- transition quests grant 15 marks, need 285 more from dailies
- tip: be sure to head back to the Sanctuary of Malorne after completing the new dailies at Malfurion's Breach on the first day of entering the portal. There should be another quest that awards more marks.
- 4 dailies per day (MOUNT HYJAL area)
- 6 marks total per day
- 4 dailies per day (MALFURION'S BREACH area)
- 8 marks total per day
NOTE: At this point players may choose which sub-faction to turn in their first 150 marks to (Shadow Wardens or Druids of the Talon). Choosing one or the other will unlock a different set of dailies to complete, however, both daily chains should award the same total number of marks.
- tip: To take full advantage of the dailies, turn in the 150 to either Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens as soon as you are able to. This will unlock even more dailies that will award even more marks each day.
Phase 2.5: turn in 150 marks to Druids of the Talon or Shadow Wardens, leaving 150 marks still needed for the other faction
- 25 marks total per day (includes new dailies + dailies from phase 2)

- all dailies from phase 2 are still available and still award the same number of marks
- NOTE: To access the new unlocked dailies, you must turn in 150 marks to either Druids of the Talon or the Shadow Wardens. You must also complete the dailies from phase 2 (at least MALFURION'S BREACH area dailies) to advance the daily chain into the newer area

- tip: If you choose Druids of the Talon, don't forget to do the escort quest (Need... Water... Badly...) that's found in the underground cave system. It will award 5 marks as well as unlock a daily. The NPC that offers the escort quest is at the very end of the cave system, just follow the path all the way down and you should see an exclamation mark on your mini-map.

If you choose Shadow Wardons, be sure to kill a Druid of the Flame. Once dead, the NPC will spawn a side quest that awards 5 marks as well as unlock a daily.
Phase 3: 125 marks needed for Filling the Moonwell (Crimson Lasher), 125 marks needed for Calling the Ancients (Hyjal Bear Cub), and 125 marks needed for Additional Armaments (must complete to access the vendor that has a chance to yield the Searing Scorchling from his cache)
- 15 dailies available total per day
- 26 marks total per day
Phase 3.5 and onward: turning in each set of 125 marks will unlock a vendor and more dailies/marks!
- completing Calling the Ancients unlocks a new daily that awards 3 marks per day
- unlocks the vendor for the Hyjal Bear Cub
- completing Additional Armaments unlocks 1 new daily that awards 2 marks total per day

- completing Filling the Moonwell unlocks a quest (no daily) that awards a one time lump sum of 10 marks
- unlocks the vendor for the Crimson Lasher
Upon completion of phase 2/2.5, phase 3 will unlock "new" dailies however they are not really new. They are instead part of the other branch of dailies (Druids of the Talon daily chain vs. Shadow Warden daily chain). In phase 3 you can only complete one group of dailies or the other, not both. Both sets of dailies should award the same number of marks total per day. Whether or not one is "easier" is up to each individual player to decide. You can try either chain during phase 3 each daily reset and decide for yourself! :)

At the very end, once all quests have been turned in and the storyline has been completed, you should earn about 30 marks (more or less) per day. Just enough to buy Zen'vorka's Cache for a chance at the Searing Scorchling!

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with any of the above information and/or let me know more details about this lengthy quest chain!


  1. Thank you for this! I am so happy actually to have to work hard for these pets, as it has raised my guild rep, gotten me a lot of gold, and has gotten me into doing something regularly as I was feeling a bit bored before. Can't wait for my three new pets!

  2. @Amy: you're welcome, glad to have helped!

    i'm also glad you enjoy the new quests and dailies. it's a relatively long road for just two to three new companions, but the entire adventure definitely has its perks. :)

  3. I have been coming here on a regular basis to check my progress and to know what to expect. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into creating this. Thank you.

  4. @Anonymous Sept 27: I'm glad I could help! Happy collecting :)

  5. This is a major grind I did it with my lvl 85 DK before MoP. I'm glad that I have the two pets now. Don't give up on all the daily's that you will have to do if you have a friend or friends that want the same pets try a team up with them it will go much quicker if you do.
    Happy Hunting


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