Monday, May 23, 2011

Forgetful Me

i completely forgot about the new achievement coming in 4.2, the 'unbeatable?' pterodactyl: BEATEN.

all this time while waiting for the new hyjal and molten front dailies to reset, i could have also been doing the 10 dailies required to complete this achievement and see what's inside the box! eh, well there wasn't really any indication that it was ready to be tested, and when i initially logged onto the PTR the jousting daily wasn't even available yet. but this is just me making excuses, huh? :P

well, now i've started after reading a comment on wowhead about the chirping box reward does indeed awarding players with the jouster they did not pick the first time around. it would be very good news for all pet collectors if this is true and goes live with 4.2!

but i must confirm this for myself, damnit. so hopefully in 9 days i'll have my answer for my own eyes. some things i'd like to find out:
- what's in the box!
- is the daily available every day? or does the NPC offer the specific daily necessary (vigilance on wings) along with a varying number of other rotating dailies?
- will it take just 10 days? or will it take longer?
ahhh, so much waiting in between dailies!

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