Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Change Or A Bug?

players have found an interesting undocumented change (or is it a bug?) that came along with 4.1. apparently, classes that can stealth or go invisible will have any non-combat pet they currently have out also go invisible/stealth along with them. to the player, their companion remains and looks perfectly normal, but to others, the pet as well as the player will disappear completely. note: this doesn't work with shadowmeld.

for rogues, druids, and mages, if you have a vanity pet out as you disappear with invisibility, stealth, or prowl, you can expect your friends and those around you to wonder where not only you went but also your pet. (i haven't tested this for the hunter camouflage ability.)

so far there hasn't been any official response from blizzard on this topic. there's no indication if this was an intended change or a bug that managed to slip into the release of 4.1.

for PVP'ers, this may be good news, as they will no longer have to worry about their companion giving their position away. (although it may take some getting use to, since to the player it may seem like your pet is still visible even when it's not.) for others, as this thread on the official wow forums shows, this change or bug is not as welcome.

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