Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Getting Philosophical With Pets

wow. talk about opening a can of worms with the release of the cenarion hatchling. there are multiple debates that can be found circling around this one little companion pet. who would have known that it would cause such a stir within the collecting community and general world of warcraft population?

i guess it shouldn't come as a huge shock, though. paying for pets and whether or not a community is properly acknowledged in tangible means have always been hot topics.

as for me? well, after giving it some thought and reviewing my initial philosophical statement on the game (plus recognizing that i tend to over-simplify things), i've come to the conclusion that.. i'm just human. hah, a pretty strange conclusion concerning a non-combat pet, huh?

i definitely have mixed and conflicting views about the whole cenarion hatchling situation. on one hand, i must be honest with myself and admit that i am disappointed at the lack of consideration to the original hippogryph hatchling. on the other hand, i completely understand that it's not about the game or the items and that giving to those in dire need was the main focus for the release of the pet. the sale and the purchasing seems somewhat insincere but at the same time, regardless of how the resources and aid was gathered, those suffering will gladly accept anything.

i've heard and thought about both sides to all the arguments revolving around this baby hippogryph, and i've found reason and logic in nearly all points. so who's right? who's wrong? to me, as cliche as this will sound, the answer is everyone and no one.

i really debated with myself for a long time on this one to try to pinpoint a concrete opinion about it all. even now, i can't say that i have a firm stance on any of the issues brought up with this companion's release. the only thing that i've reaffirmed with myself is that i'm human. the pet collector next to me is human. the gamer next to them is human. as humans we're going to see it differently, free-will, perspective, and all of that. this is just another one of those things where there will never be a clear-cut right/wrong, good/bad, fair/unfair, etc. largely due to the wide range of perspectives from every corner of our community and humanity.

i will continue to hope that a recoloring of this pet is in order, but at the same time i will not push the topic further. in the larger scheme of things i simply hope that the good intentions involving this pet will shine through and make a positive difference, and that all who are willing to constructively partake in a discussion about the pet will be heard and understood.

i'm not one for heavy debating or arguing, so i'll leave it at that. i still have my (conflicted) views and opinions, as i'm sure many others do as well. who blizzard listens to, if anyone at all, is up to them.

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