Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Call Me Chef Quintessence

quintessence, gourmet pet food chef! it has a nice ring to it lol.

a feedback post was made on the official PTR forums about the 100 and 125 achievement rewards. an interesting idea was suggested, and i'm totally in love with it!
[Magical Pet Biscuit Oven]

Use: Creates a Magical Pet Biscuit.

Cooldown: 24 hours.
how awesome would that be if we could create our own (bind on pick up) pet biscuits? a recipe to craft our own biscuits would be another way for players to cook their own biscuits, but i'm leaning towards an item with a cooldown on it mainly because i know some value the original papa hummel's old-fashioned pet biscuits quite a bit and have spent real life money to acquire them. most of us understand the disappointment that's caused when something you've cherished and put extra time, effort, or money into suddenly becomes tomorrow's vendor trash, right? it's never easy to see others receive something so easily that you actually had to work your butt off for.

i think the oven, with its cooldown that can be adjusted higher or lower by developers, would be a pretty good compromise. it would give players who can't buy the TCG loot cards access to the pet biscuits, but at a cost. not only will they have to collect a certain number of pets, the oven will also have a long cooldown. this should still make papa hummel's version a much more desirable and sought after item. everyone gets a chance, but everyone pays a price.

rather than awarding it for the 100 or 125 achievement, though, i suggest that it should be the reward for the 175 or 200 achievement. some may consider waiting that long for a cooldown or collecting that many pets is too extreme, but you have to remember that these pet biscuits aren't supposed to be a common occurrence. hell, i'm still clinging onto my biscuits that i snagged from a loot card because i don't want to waste them.

anyway, that's just my two cents. definitely check out the feedback post on the pet biscuit rewards. keep the discussion constructive, productive, mature and polite though. i'd love it if developers actually took us seriously and who knows? maybe we'll see some version of the oven or pet biscuit recipe in a future patch.


  1. I wouldn't mind this, for once. With the cooldown, it makes the old pet biscuits still just as valuable as they are not (which is to say, not very much). These biscuits are cheap to purchase online, it's no real secret. This isn't the type of thing I would be upset by because it isn't a degradation or "gimme" type of thing. The only time I get upset with them and TCG items is when they are lazy and reuse pet models.

    It at least makes more sense than giving us ONE pet biscuit for that achievement. That's borderline pointless.

  2. @Harval: even if the original biscuits are cheap, not all players have access to them still. it makes the achievement biscuits a prize for some, not so much for others, and in the end that's the challenge that blizzard needs to find a compromise for.

    i definitely agree that one pet biscuit for each of the 100 and 125 achievements is pretty lame.


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