Saturday, May 28, 2011

4.2 Vendor Pets

word along the grapevine is that the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub will be purchasable vendor pets after unlocking some of the new NPCs in the mount hyjal/molten front quests.

atm i can't confirm this since i'm still pretty far away from the necessary number of marks of the world tree to unlock anything, and although wowhead and mmo-champion are both listing the NPCs that probably sell the two pets, neither site is listing the items that the NPCs will sell.

but it's not far fetched at all that these two will come from the new area/NPCs, so i'll just go ahead and update my list of new 4.2 pets with the information. if it changes i'll just edit it.

from what i gather, you'll need a total of 570 marks of the world tree to unlock the two vendors that sell the pet.
- 20 marks for phase 1
- a total of 300 marks for phase 2 (150 marks for shadow wardens, 150 marks for druids of the talon)
- and a total of 250 marks for phase 3 (125 marks for each of the vendor quests)
both the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub will go for 1200g each.

hopefully wowhead and mmo-champion will update their databases soon so i don't have to go back and change anything. :P

thanks to all those that contacted me with the details on these two pets. :)

UPDATE: mmo-champion now has the vendors + what they will sell listed on their site. no confirmed prices yet, but i think it's safe to say the two pets will either go for a ridiculous amount of gold or even more marks of the world tree.


  1. thats rather expensive. how many marks a day? I think I'm getting tired of grinding and spending day after day doing the same thing lol. Argent tournament and TB dailies were horrible and I'm worried this will be the same.

  2. for phase 1, you can earn a total of 4 marks from dailies per day. the initial quests award 12, so you only really need to do 2-3 days worth of dailies to pass this stage.

    for phase 2, you start off with 15 marks from the transition quests. more dailies are unlocked for this stage, so a total of 14 marks from dailies can be earned each day.

    i haven't passed phase 2 yet so i can't say what comes after, but i'm guessing more transition quests that offer a large bulk of marks and then even more dailies will be unlocked.

    it's looking like it should take about a month (if not more time) to fully unlock the vendors.


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