Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm On a Boat

or a horse. or a pig. no wait, i'm on the 4.2 PTR! finally!

after some errors, a few hours of fixing said errors, and then a few more hours of updating, i can finally start testing and previewing 4.2 content. hooray!

first thing that i observed on the PTR... two separate in-game mails from breanni! apparently both the newest 100 and 125 pet collecting achievements now have rewards attached to them (although wowhead does not reflect this atm).

for each of the above achievements, breanni seems to be mailing out one (1) pet biscuit with a note of encouragement to keep collecting.

note: the only achievement that i can confirm 100% has a reward attached to it on the PTR is the 125 pets achievement. since the achievement interface doesn't allow me to view the tiers below the highest earned, i can't actually see if the 100 pet achievement says that it specifically awards a pet biscuit as well. however, since i received two separate mails, each containing one biscuit, my best guess is that both 100 and 125 will award a biscuit upon completion.

it's not a pet or a title as many have requested for, but it's still better than nothing at all. plus it will be a nice treat for those who do no have access to the TCG loot card or item. :)

UPDATE: mmo-champion has datamined another change to the pet-collecting achievements in the latest PTR build!
- 100 pets (petting zoo) - awards a Magical Pet Biscuit (same as papa hummel's old-fashioned pet biscuit)

- 125 pets (menagerie) - awards a Magical Pet Biscuit (same as papa hummel's old-fashioned pet biscuit)

- 150 pets (littlest pet shop) - Nuts' Acorn (i'm guessing most likely a squirrel pet)
the above isn't fully reflected on wowhead's ptr site yet, and mmo-champion has it mixed up on the list, but the tooltips should be accurate.


  1. mmo-champion has them for 125 and 150(littlest pet shop) with 100 giving 'Nuts'. A proper squirrel at long last I hope.

  2. Wowhead has Nuts as the 150 achievement. so take both posts with a pinch of salt until confirmation.

    Wowhead thinks another achievement for a Pterodactyl style daily (10 times0 may give a pet but nothing more than just saying that. no proof of reward for achievement. I hope if so it offers the other of the jousters you didn't get for the quest in Hyjal


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