Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some 4.2 Clues

while going through a routine check up on wowhead's PTR site, i discovered a new item: crimson lasher. there's no trainable spell attached to this item yet, but i'm pretty sure that this item will teach the fire lasher companion that was datamined from an earlier PTR build. if not, then it may be another new pet. the similarities between the item and the spell make it likely that they are one in the same, though.

another thing i noticed was how wowhead's PTR site categorized the creepy crate. when doing a search specifically for this... pet... it lists its source as a level 10(?) quest, the creepy crate. that's as far as this road leads atm, though. i'll be keeping my eye on this one for future updates.

speaking of crates and eyes...

mmo-champion's database has some rather intriguing creepy crate-related spells. it's starting to sound like this pet will have an interesting idle animation.

also found on mmo-champion's database, some feline familiar spells. even one that suggests that it might have a broom attachment? flying kitty, anyone?

i don't know about anyone else, but i love the mystery and the chase of new pets and information surrounding them! playing pet detective can be pretty fun. :P


  1. The Feline familiars and the Creepy Crate smell to me like new Halloween pets. I hear they're revamping the Halloween event and there were also some new masks data-mined that give you buffs on use.

  2. @Epiktetos: there's even a new halloween currency: candy coin!

    it would make a lot of sense if these two pets were part of the new halloween event. i'm especially curious about how to unlock or reach 'the creepy crate' quest though.


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