Sunday, May 22, 2011

To The Molten Front

i finished phase 1 of the hyjal dailies a couple days ago and now i'm working my way through phase 2. i'm not sure, but i think once i've collected a total of 300 marks and then some, i'll be able to unlock the vendors that sell the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub.

needless to say... i've got a while to go. lol.

anyway, i'm keeping track of how many dailies are completable per day and the total number of marks you can collect each day. i'll probably post it all once i've finished all the phases. that is... if i can do it before the PTR is shut down and 4.2 is released. lol :P


  1. Thanks for the updates, I didn't know that they are vendor pets :D

    It's good to hear the pets are purchaseable, I don't mind if it takes a while to get there I just like making steady progress. Much better than a super-rare drop.

  2. @Kintarah: i haven't quite confirmed that they're vendor pets just yet, but i'm hoping once i get further into the dailies/chain i'll discover where they come from. (and that they will be from vendors :P)

    wowhead or mmo-champion may beat me to it, though. so keep your eye on those sites for more info on these two pets too!

  3. Looking at wowhead it seems the Crimson Lasher has a sell price so it's probably safe to assume it's from a vendor ... maybe? :D

    My first thought on seeing the Hyjal Bear Cub was that it would be Pebble-style, for doing a bear-saving daily 10 times.


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