Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happiest Time of the Year

i don't think many other holidays can rival children's week as "best time of the year" for pet collectors.

but yes, it's that time again! two new companions to collect and collectors can FINALLY adopt their second nothrend pet. :D (just remember that the dalaran one comes in the mail, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't show up right away.)

i'm absolutely ecstatic about the new pets. i've always wanted a baby marsh walker and little snail! although, i have to admit that this snail's not all that little. not to mention he's pretty quick for what's normally a slow moving creature. :P

and i can't forget about my new curious wolvar pup. i'm sorry you had to wait so long for me! now that you're here, though, we'll go on grand adventures together. :)

if you have yet to do the new stormwind/orgrimmar children's week quests, what are you waiting for? the alliance one was pretty neat, and i'm sure the horde quests are just as interesting. i had to sigh at my orphan at the end, though. i ended up chasing him around for a bit before i could finish lol. he just wouldn't sit still while he was flying the kite, and i needed to pick up the last quest before i could complete the chain! insert the rolling of eyes here. kids. not so much my thing. :P

pets, on the other hand... totally my thing! :D happy collecting to all the collectors out there.


  1. oh mannn. I can't wait to get these pets! I work all day today :( and I mean all day, so my friend who hates pet collecting and I are going to do it all monday. He hates pet collecting but I make him do it and he has over 75 pets now from me haha.

    I feel like a kid at Christmas. Monday can't come soon enough!

  2. Legs has been with me since I got him this morning. I am just in love with this pet though it does make me want to be able to tame one as a hunter pet even more now =)

  3. I could have sworn I had gotten all the previously-available Children's Week pets already. But when I checked my Companion tab, Whiskers and Peanut are missing. A guildie who also believed she had gotten Whiskers last year found he was missing from her pet tab too. It's possible that I've gone insane and never really got those pets, but I don't think so. Is anyone else having this issue?

  4. @pandy: i hope the wait is worth it for you! :)

    @Rhapture: i can't get enough of this little marsh walker too :D

    @Zhoudian: one way to check would be to complete the quest chain up until the end and stop just before choosing a reward. if you hover over each companion, it should alert you whether or not you've already trained the pet's summon spell. if that doesn't work, though, perhaps a ticket to a gamemaster is in order.


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