Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mojo Made Easier?

thankfully mojo was not removed or relocated even with the changes to zul'aman. one thing that did change somewhat are the amani hex sticks necessary to discover mojo within the instance.

previously, the hex sticks were tradable but despawned if the player holding them exited the zone. as of patch 4.1, though, they persist outside of the instance and can even be sold on the auction house.

this may mean it will be easier for players to acquire mojo, as long as there is a steady supply of hex stick auctions on the AH. all one would need to do is buy up a few (or more), head to ZA and start transforming those frogs! just be wary and careful of those nasty troll pats. solo'ing those will probably not be possible until we're a few more large content patches into this expansion.

this change to the hex sticks may or may not have been intentional, so if you're looking to satisfy your froggie-fix, do so sooner rather than later. who knows if blizzard will revert the sticks back to how they were pre-patch 4.1?

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