Friday, April 29, 2011

Call to Arms Pet Rewards

well after looking at the many comments filed under the satchel of exotic mysteries, it appears that MANY companions were added to the call to arms loot list. so far the list seems to be made up of:
- the argent tournament companions (both horde and alliance pets)
- alliance and horde favored vendor pets (such as the many cat pets sold by an alliance NPC or the cockroach sold by a horde NPC)
- rare drops from zones and mobs (such as the dragon whelpings, but minus the onyxian whelpling)
- "specialty" pets (such as boss dropped companions like the phoenix hatchling, or the giant sewer rat which is fished up from dalaran sewers)
the list is possibly quite long.

other than the obvious questions on my mind ('are there NEW pets on this loot list?' and 'what is the average droprate of a companion through call to arms?'), another burning question is... just which pets CANNOT be found within the satchel of exotic mysteries? because right now it almost feels as if nearly all vanity pets have a chance to drop from the call to arms' goodie bag. either that or many of the comments are reporting inaccurate information (this is something that will take time to confirm/deny).

i'm all for multiple ways to obtain certain pets. this seems a bit... ridiculous, however. it's almost as if blizzard decided to just dump ALL companions that are not quest rewards, TCG-related, or otherwise no longer available into the satchel of exotic mysteries. even vanity pets that originally required a certain reputation or special currency to purchase were not spared and seem to have found their way into the call to arms goodie bag. it's really quite bewildering.

let's not jump to too many conclusions yet, though. we won't know the accuracy of all the comments left on wowhead until more data has been gathered on the drops and droprates of the companions found within the satchel.

i'm definitely taken aback by this and i don't know whether to praise it, condemn it, turn a blind eye, or simply shrug and move on.

UPDATE: april 29 official hotfix notes - "The Satchel of Exotic Mysteries given to the member(s) of a class role eligible for Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms rewards now has an increased chance of containing a non-combat pet."


  1. My question is similar to yours. Will ultra rare pets that were on non US servers show up in them, will new pets that are exclusive to the satchel be added or what about super rare pets like Murky? I really hope they don't do that. It's one thing to add pets that are normally rep grind but adding in ones that cost a pretty penny to get or will only be obtainable via call to arms will suck =(

  2. that.. angers me. As someone who doesn't heal or tank EVER, and also, spent more hours than I'd like to admit farming up all my pets. (1600~ fireflies. 1600~ fish. etc etc) and then having someone else get them for something that they're doing anyway and don't have to go out of their way for? meeeeh. it's the same with the mounts. I spent months and months in there for ravenlord, for example, and now it's HERE HAVE A MOUNT YOU CAN MAIL TO ANY OF YOUR CHARACTERS. wut?

    I'm with the people who think they should find out WHY people aren't tanking and healing and fix that, instead of throwing presents at them and hope they'll queue.

  3. @Rhapture: this satchel is really quite mind-boggling. there doesn't appear to be any type of trend or pattern with what types of pet are found within it. it's like a massive dump of companions into a bag! who knows what we'll find inside... >_<

    @pandy: i definitely agree that this satchel of rewards is just an "ok" temporary bandaid, but it doesn't address the root of the problem! not to mention it causes more of a stir up for collectors.


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