Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Ins and Outs of 4.1

it's been just a few hours since patch 4.1 went live. obviously, there are still bugs and issues, but hopefully they will be addressed and fixed soon.

WarcraftPets has an official "what's new" post, that will be continually updated throughout the day if there are any changes or corrections to pet-related news about 4.1. go check that out! :D

if you read through it, you'll also find details about a loot giveaway contest held by drrum to celebrate her in-game NPC namesake!

i'm currently working on the two new archaeology pets, but haven't had much luck so far. i did, however, discover the other new troll rare artifact (war drum). i'm also still wondering what the mysterious 7th new rare could be! hopefully an overlooked pet? :P

unfortunately, despite earlier confirmation from the PTR notes that blizzard would be fixing the united nations achievement bug with this patch... it has not been fixed. i believe it was intended to be ready in time for 4.1, but for whatever reason, it did not make it through. :( for some guilds, it looks like it's back to grinding or patiently waiting for a fix to come.

i have yet to try out the new call to arms feature since there hasn't been any "call to arms" for my role yet. dungeons have also been acting up, so i'm going to stay away from queuing for a bit until things have calmed down. hopefully we'll see some accurate pet droprates and the entire possible pet list from the satchel of exotic mysteries soon.

if anyone discovers the whereabouts of the lashtail hatchling and cenarion hatchling, please let me know! i'm very eager to find out if there will finally be a conclusion the the former's quest chain, and if the latter is even available to players. (edit: lashtail hatchling has been spotted within ZG ;P)

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