Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a Pet Party

being the absolutely stubborn pet collector that i am, i stayed up way past my desired sleep time just so i could discover at least one of the new archaeology companions. well, sleep depriving myself was a success! the voodoo figurine is now part of my miniature army. i think it will find itself at home amongst the others that recently had a grand old time with many other guildmates' pets.

i don't know about everyone else, but i'm loving the persisting pets change! many of my guildies, who unwittingly summoned a pet and magically had them re-appear whenever logging/zoning, had their own companions out during tonight's 25 man raid. now that having a pet out is pretty much effortless (as long as you summon one before zoning or logging out), most people seem to have a vanity pet out the majority of the time. it just *poof* appears! :) it really adds some fun to the environment (although i'm sure it's quite irritating for PVP'ers who want to remain hidden heh).

well, that's three new pets with more to go. hopefully i can acquire most, if not all, before children's week when two more new ones become available through the orphan quests.

oh, and again, if anyone has any information on the cenarion hatchling, please leave a comment and let me know the details!

also, since i have yet to test out the lashtail hatchling finale for myself, those who have saved their little *player name*'aka, was the quest "an old friend" available to players who did not complete the lower level quests? if there are multiple people in a ZG run who have completed the lashtail quest chain, will all those eligible be able to receive a baby raptor of their own? or is it only one per instance lockout? the information would be much appreciated. :)

time to get some shuteye before i go back to digging!


  1. I did ZG last night- and was NOT able to get the little raptor :( Which was really upsetting, because I had finished the chain but just transferred factions a few weeks ago. So apparently, I have to do the chain again Horde side.

    So as far as I can tell, only people that finished the chain are able to see the raptor at all (I hear he helps in the fight! Wouldn't know for sure), or receive the pet. I had to look jealously at my group member's new little companions for the rest of the run. Both people that had finished the chain received the pet.

    Congrats on the new pets! I LOVE the adorable Winterspring cub, and can't wait for Children's Week!

  2. @Saberella: i'm sorry to hear this! :( hopefully completing the chain will be a breeze for you and you can finally save your baby raptor.

    thank you for the information!

  3. I would like to know if you can get the quest if you join the ZG run after the Bloodlord fight is over, or if you have to be present for the boss kill.

  4. I'm keeping an eye out for information on the Cenarion Hatchling too :D

    Although there is a comment on Wowhead saying it comes from the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries, I checked the Wowhead comments on the satchel itself and no reports of anyone receiving a hatchling so far. I'm hopeful it comes from a different source.

  5. @Gorman Ghaste: ooo, that's a great question! i'll have to find some guildmates who have a recently cleared ZG dungeon ID so i can test it.

    @Kintarah: i'm hoping it doesn't come from the satchel as well. then again, it might not even be available to players.. yet? blizzard is so sneaky sometimes. :P


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