Monday, April 25, 2011

One More Thing...

i'm 90% sure i'm all set to go for patch 4.1 that will (hopefully) come out tomorrow! i can't wait to get my hands on the new pets and take a look at all the officially released content. it's one thing to test it out on the PTR, it's another to experience it on live servers, potential bugs and all.

one last small thing... earlier this month, when the call to arms feature was announced, there was a short official list of possible pets that eligible characters might receive from the satchel of exotic mysteries. shortly after that announcement, a new pet popped up on wowhead's PTR site. this new pet, cenarion hatchling, almost instantly had a comment stating that it would be on the call to arms reward loot list. this was never confirmed, though.

well, there's a new idea that's been floating around: maybe this new baby hippogryph could be an archaeology discovery instead? possibly found within the night elf branch? needless to say, i would MUCH prefer this than the call to arms rumor.

unlike the call to arms pet rewards, where i would have to combat not only RNG but also the fact that the reward relies heavily on whether or not the pug group is actually CAPABLE of completing the random heroic dungeon, archaeology depends almost solely on the individual. i may still have to fight against RNG odds since it's random when a rare artifact will pop up for me to solve as well as randomized dig sites, but overall, i'm in more control over when i want to solve it, how i go about solving it, etc. i can go entirely at my own pace without having to depend on complete strangers. this just fits my style of companion farming/grinding more than anything else.

so i'm definitely hoping that if the cenarion hatchling is even be available to players on live servers, that it's part of archaeology rather than the call to arms feature.

that being said, though, it's ALL just speculation for now. i don't think anyone's discovered where this pet officially comes from yet, and we won't know until 4.1 is released.

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