Thursday, April 7, 2011

Withers to Look Withered Again

this is just a small observation from the 4.1 PTR, but a bug that currently gives both withers and the teldrassil sproutling the same model skin as a moonkin treant will be addressed and fixed in 4.1. if this is indeed a fix on the PTR, both pets should return to their normal and intended looks after the release of the patch.

those who were sad to see withers lose its unique look can rejoice! this thirsty little one should look thirsty again soon.

those who will be sad to see withers lose its more lively look, don't worry. buddy up with a restoration druid and kindly gift them a glyph of the treant. add some baby spice or even a small feast and ta-da! you've got yourself a cute little treant... erm... "pet" lol. :P

on a more serious note, if you enjoy both companions as they are in their current bugged state, be sure to take your screenshots and play with them now. there's no guarantee they will remain bugged for very much longer!

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