Friday, April 15, 2011

Mojo In 4.1

after many internet disconnects, a technician visit that (hopefully) fixed my connection, and PTR patching issues, i was finally able to log back in and test zul'aman. specifically: hunt for the whereabouts of mojo.

luckily after just a few trash pulls, a hex stick dropped for me! while it didn't yield the pet from the transformed forest frog within the dungeon, just the hex stick itself continuing to drop in the zone is a strong indicator that mojo will still be acquired from ZA in the same fashion after the release of patch 4.1.

i'd still recommend players who want to solo-farm for mojo to head out and try their luck in the unchanged instance NOW. once patch 4.1 goes live, there will be significantly less trash to clear in the zone, meaning the hex sticks could become a much rarer drop. also, the trash within the dungeon will be transformed into level 85 elites, and i highly doubt most will be able to solo-clear them efficiently or effectively.

one interesting thing to note is that, unlike before, the hex sticks on the PTR persisted within my inventory even after zoning out of ZA. this plus the fact that they can be traded with other players could mean that we may start to see them pop up on the auction house in 4.1...?? i haven't tested it yet on the PTR, and i'm not entirely sure i'll have time to before the patch is released, but it's a possibility. as always, this change may not go live and may just be bug on the test realms.

anyway, pet collectors and frog lovers can breathe somewhat easier now! :)

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