Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Patch 4.1 "Soon"

mmo-champion announced that a "release candidate" patch was launched on the PTR recently. this may indicate that patch 4.1 will be here soon (hopefully in time for children's week!)

as a reminder for myself and a few others, here is a list of the notable vanity pet-related changes, updates, and additions for the upcoming patch: 4.1 overview.

a couple extra things to note - the whereabouts of mojo after the zul'aman changes are still unclear. while blizzard has made it apparent in the past that they will do their best to re-include any displaced companions due to zone changes, i would recommend farming for mojo now if you have not done so already and would like to add him to your collection.

UPDATE: as detailed in this post's comments, the hex sticks still drop from ZA post-patch 4.1. however, due to the change of the dungeon, a lot of the trash packs have been removed or cut down in size, making the hex sticks a rarer drop. i would still recommend players farm for mojo ASAP for this reason. also, once the instance has been transformed, it will be unlikely that players will be able to solo-farm for mojo after the patch (at least for a few gear tiers or so) due to the increased level and difficulty of the mobs.

in preparation for the two new archaeology companion pets, i suggest that players max out their fossil and troll fragments now (cap is 200). then once the patch is released, you'll be ready to solve at least a few items and hopefully one of the new pets pops up for you to complete!

for those wondering about the lashtail hatchling... possible spoilers behind the break!

"ohgan'aka, the young raptor, looks at you with pleading eyes."

during the upcoming level 85 zul'gurub quest chain, the lashtail hatchling makes a brief appearance! of course she's still being held captive by the trolls, but this emote is a definite indication that she has not forgotten you. :)

i have yet to complete the new zg on the PTR, so i can't say for sure whether or not players who have completed the lashtail hatchling quest chain will be able to save their little friend, but hopefully the new five-man zg will at least give players some closure.


  1. I can confirm that the Amani Hex Sticks still drop in Zul'Aman. And that you can still use them on all the frogs near the lake in the middle of the instance. I haven't seen Mojo yet, but I guess that you will get him just the same way as you did before: through the Hex Sticks.

  2. @Ninjalooter: did you experience this while on the PTR? if so, did the hex sticks drop from the usual trash mobs? the last time i was on the PTR doing ZA, there was significantly less trash, so it must be a very low droprate in 4.1.

  3. I think it was one of the very first Trash Mobs of the Instance on the PTR that dropped the stick. But it also was the only one. So the drop rate really seems to be very low. Lower than before.

    I needed the stick and used it on one of the frogs. No Mojo but a chest with those buff-items. Forgot the name of it. I'll try to do some more Zul'Aman-Runs and see if I can get some more sticks.


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