Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally, Some Closure

I've already read a few reports that upon killing Bloodlord Mandokir in the new heroic 5-man ZG, the quest "An Old Friend" becomes available within the instance and players who have completed the lower level Lashtail Hatchling quest chain may obtain their very own baby raptor. :)

If you have not completed this prerequisite quest chain, though, you will probably not be eligible to save the baby raptor. feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. :)

To start the chain, you will need to be STV level-appropriate or higher (so about level 20+). Note: although the quest chain can be started and completed at lower levels, you must be level 85 to enter the instance and finally conclude this baby raptor's storyline.

Head to the Rebel Camp in Stranglethorn vale (alliance) or to Grom'gol (horde). Alliance will need to pick up and complete the quest Bad Medicine and horde will need to pick up and complete the quest The Defense of Grom'gol: Raptor Risk. Upon completion of either quest, players will either auto-accept a new quest (the quest item is included) or it will become available through the turn in NPC if your inventory was full. Hang onto the quest item and don't destroy it! I won't go into detail about the rest of the quests since it's quite lengthy and can get complicated later on, but the rest of the chain will require you to have the baby red raptor with you. Be sure to turn on your "track lower level quests" option, as some of the quests in the lashtail chain only unlock while doing other side/unrelated quests available from the quest hub NPCs.

NOTE: I HIGHLY recommend players pick up and complete the lashtail hatchling quest chain BEFORE picking up any part of the panther cub quest chain. Starting the panther quests will place you in a phased STV, and you will be unable to complete the lashtail hatchling quest until you've completed the full ZG quest.

I had this trouble while on the PTR and was unable to finish the lashtail quests, even after zoning into ZG. To be on the safe side, if you've already started the panther cub quests, complete the FULL chain. This means all quests up to an including the last part of the chain ("Booty Bay's Interests" and ends with "A Shiny Reward"). If at that point you are still unable to get back into the proper phase necessary to complete the lashtail quest chain, I would open up a ticket to a gamemaster to ask for assistance.

I can't wait to finally finish off this lengthy and long awaited quest chain! I must save Quintessence'aka! Blizzard did an especially great job with this companion. :)


  1. I did bad medicine, when I picked up my last jungle remedy I also picked up "lashtail raptor egg fragment" and accepted the quest "just hatched". I went to turn in bad medicine and turned in just hatched at the same time. I got "I think she's hungry", completed that and turned it in. I still have the egg fragment and did another quest for the same quest giver that seems unrelated and now I'm not sure where to go from here, any advice? You said it was a long quest chain so I'm stumped that I'm at an impass here =)

    Thanks for the guide!

  2. @Lylianna: pick up the quest Deep Roots. while on that quest have your hatchling out and you should unlock Favored Skull, which will lead you on another chain for the raptor. from then on, i believe it should be pretty linear. if at some point you are being sent to Priestess Thaalia after doing Favored Skull (and the quests that follow it), you are on the right track! good luck!

    oh and one last note: if you are on the panther cub quest, STV will be phased and you will need to complete the ZG quest before being able to move on in the lashtail quest.

  3. Do I stop before Bloodlord Mandokir??

  4. @Ben and Jenna: no, do not stop. bloodlord mandokir plays a large part in the lashtail hatchling quest chain. as unnatural it may feel to complete his request, it is necessary to progress through the lashtail's storyline. after that, you should be sent to Priestess Thaalia for further instructions. good luck!

  5. I completed the panther quests, got out of phased stv and did the first few quests. I finished "Deep Roots" and now there's just... nothing. When I was completing Deep Roots I saw the raptor run up to a pile of skulls and then he had something in his mouth, so I figured it unlocked. I still have the raptor with me. Apparently a gnome is supposed to be at the camp who I talk to, but he's nowhere to be found. :/

    Any advice?

  6. @Kyraah: you'll need to complete the quest "Spared from Madness", which is part of a quest chain provided by the NPC Lieutenant Doren in the rebel camp. saving Osborn Obnoticus should unlock the rest of the lashtail quests.

  7. Is the part where you talk to the 3 raptors and leave ZG the last part of the chain before entering the 85 instance of ZG?

  8. @Anonymous: pretty much, yes. there's one more follow up quest after "Be Raptor", but after that you will have to be level 85 to enter ZG and defeat bloodlord mandokir.

  9. I'm in a spot with this chain. I did all the quests in N.STV while waiting for Cata to release (post worldbreaker patch), did ZG last night and completed quests through 'A Shiny Reward', and completed the panther quest earlier today (I didn't see this guide til all else was done, of course). I did the defense of grom'gol: raptor risk, and after breaking the eggs have a shell fragment in my bags.. problem is, everything stopped there (when I summon the raptor, he just stands there, and I don't 'learn' the egg). Any ideas where to go from here? The only thing I haven't done is completed ZG again.

  10. @Shakarra: have you tried revisiting grom'gol again with the lashtail hatchling summoned? specifically look for the NPC Far Seer Mok'thardin.

    i have only a vague memory of the horde version of this quest chain, but if i remember correctly, it's slightly more linear than the alliance one. you may still need to do some of the side, unrelated quests to unlock parts of the lashtail chain though. if the NPC i mentioned above doesn't have any quests for you, even with the egg fragment in your inventory and the lashtail hatchling summoned next to you, try double checking that you've picked up and/or did the other lower level quests from the grom'gol quest hub.

    i hope this helps and good luck!

  11. (Horde)

    First i did the panther questline up too talking with a fella in Booty Bay and the spirit dissapears.

    Then i did the raptor questline up too Bloodlord stole the raptor from me.

    But when i'm in ZG and killed the boss with the skeleton raptor i don't get the "an old friend" quset.

    Haven't done any quests inside ZG yet, the quests i have is:
    Booty Bay Interest
    Break The Godbreaker
    The Beast Within
    Putting a Price on Priceless

    must i finnish those Q's before i can obtain "an old friend" or?


  12. @Dex: there's more to the lashtail hatchling quest line after giving in to bloodlord mandokir's request. go back to the NPC Nimboya, and he should have a quest for you that will send you to Priestess Hu'rala. you'll need to complete the quests for her all the way up to an including Surkhan.

    after completing that part of the chain, you should be able to see the final quest given by the lashtail hatchling within ZG after fighting and defeating bloodlord mandokir.

  13. What if you destroyed the fragment by mistake?

  14. @Anonymous: i'm not sure. try speaking with the NPC at the quest hub where the hatchling's storyline started. if that doesn't work, i'd submit a ticket to a gamemaster.

  15. Quintessence said...
    @Anonymous: pretty much, yes. there's one more follow up quest after "Be Raptor", but after that you will have to be level 85 to enter ZG and defeat bloodlord mandokir.

    Ok, could be stupid here but what is the "one more follow-up quest" please?

  16. for horde, the last quest should be Surkhan, and for alliance it's Ghaliri.

  17. For all Alliance players who got stuck as i did:
    remember to have your tiny raptor aside when doing 'Deep roots' quest which sends you to Bal'lal ruins to get some tablet, she'll be interested in a pile of bones aside it and should give you a quest when standing on it.

    It didn't work for me when i was doing 'Deep roots' when i came back next day, she decided to give me the quest.

    Also on Alliance side quests will follow:
    Bad Medicine
    Just Hatched
    I Think she's Hungry
    The Fate of Kurzen
    Spared from Madness
    Deep Roots
    Favored Skull
    A Nose for This Sort of Thing
    A Physical Specimen
    Bloodlord Mandokir

    Than pick up 'Priestess Thaalia' from Osborn Obnoticus and after this small chain you should be able to get one inside ZG.

    Good luck
    Lamia of Stormreaver

  18. What if you completed the Bad Medicine quest before the release of Cata?

  19. @Anonymous (Sept 18, 2011): Regardless of when it was completed, as long as you finished the full Lashtail Hatchling quest chain (up to an including "Ghaliri"), you'll be eligible for the quest, An Old Friend offered in ZG.

    If you haven't visited the Rebel Camp since the old world was altered (pre-Cata patch), you'll need to head back and follow the new quest chain.

    Hope that clears things up!

  20. I keep having problems with her not wanting to give me the quest from the pile of skulls. "Favored Skull". I've done all the others Lamia linked upto this one, and I have followed your guide all the way up to this spot. I guess I just have to keep flying down and try to do this once in a while.

    Thanks for a great blog btw, I just found it today and I can see that we are equally obsessed with companions <3

    Akeleie of Frostwhisper

  21. Haha! I was expecting a auto pop up quest, not to have to click her to get it...! Solved everything for me, just hoover over her and see that she has a q for you.

    Akeleie of Frostwhisper

  22. @Akeleie: I'm glad you managed to get past the lashtail's picky ways! XD

  23. I dinged 85 and picked up the troll quests that gets you the panther without knowing that stv would go into phase. I'd never started the lashtail quest yet and once in phase mode, couldn't pick it up. However, i got on the zep and tabbed out to read up on here about it, tabbed back, had obviously left stv and returned and the low lvl quests and "defense of grom gol; raptor risk" was available. So if you hadn't got it yet, just leave and come back, all will be well.


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