Sunday, April 3, 2011

Upcoming Holidays

children's week is a little under one month away (may 1st), but before then comes nobelgarden (last week of april)!

after going through some of the new items/spells in 4.1, as far as i can tell there will still only be one pet available from the upcoming in-game event, the spring rabbit. who knows, though. perhaps this year's nobelgarden will bring us a new companion. will the hardboiled egg finally make an appearance? we'll have to wait and see. i'm just crossing my fingers that if there is a new vanity pet, it won't come from a holiday boss or there will be multiple ways in which players can acquire it.

immediately after nobelgarden will come the much anticipated children's week. it's likely that patch 4.1 will have come before then, so pet collectors roll up your sleeves and prepare for the collecting spree! with 4.1 possibly hitting before/during two in-game holidays, things will be interesting. there will certainly be quite a bit of collecting to do! hopefully the major bugs will have been worked out and everything goes smoothly. (everyone focus your brainwaves to remind developers that we're still waiting for a northrend orphan quest chain fix! :P)

one last thing to note for now... it's still quite a ways away, but the 4.1 PTR introduced something interesting for the halloween in-game holiday: candy coin. does this new hallow's end currency mean we'll be able to purchase holiday specific items (possibly pets)? just something to chew on for now. erm, pun not intended? lol.


  1. I am kinda hoping that we get the pink bunny as a pet. I was bummed last year when I found out the model was only a buff applied to us and not an actual pet. *crosses fingers*

  2. @Rhapture: i'd love to see the pink bunny finally become available as a vanity pet too! or even a rainbow of pastel, easter-inspired bunnies :D


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