Friday, April 29, 2011

New Children's Week Quests

i can't remember the last time i made so many updates in such a short span of time. it's a busy time for collectors!

anyway, with children's week nearly here wowhead has details for the NEW stormwind and orgrimmar children's week quest chain. as mentioned before, a new pet reward has been added to the chain, scooter the snail.

don't forget about the orphan quests available from shattrath in outlands! a new companion reward, legs, has also been added there as well. i'm not sure if there are any updates to that particular quest line, though.

and last but not least, who could forget the northrend orphans? will we finally be able to adopt our second dalaran orphan? hopefully the devastating bug that made it impossible to complete the dalaran quest chain more than once has been fixed this year!

i'm very excited for this year's children's week. don't be alarmed if there are bugs or issues, though. with large changes being made left and right there are bound to be glitches. i'm going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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