Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Possible Blizzcon 2011 Pet

there's a new 4.2 PTR build and mmo-champion found a... murkablo? apparently it's a diablo-themed murloc pet, and quite possibly this year's blizzcon goodie.

then again, much like mini-thor was for SC2, this pet could very well be a diablo 3 collector's edition pet that can be attached to your battle.net account and used within WoW.

we'll have to wait and see!

here's a sneak peak from mmo-champion of what murkablo will look like.

i'll be honest, i haven't played diablo (except for the demos while at blizzcon) so i can't even fathom what murkablo's idle animations might be. i just hope they're awesome and will be ready in time for release unlike deathy... who was a very mixed up murloc and thought he was a grunty for a while. :P

ps: i know it's supposed to be read as "murk-ablo" like "di-ablo" is pronounced, but for some reason i can't stop saying "murk-a-blo" lol.

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