Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hyjal Vendor Dailies Update

i've updated my post with an estimation of how long it will take to reach the part of the new hyjal questline where you can start collecting marks for the vendor specific quests (filling the moonwell and calling the ancients).

i'm about 4 days away from finishing phase 2.5, so we'll see what comes after that. i expect either another transition (that may or may not reward more marks) and then the two vendor specific quests. new dailies might be unlocked after that, but if not then a final total of 27 marks can be earned each day for filling the moonwell and calling the ancients quests. if the latter is true, you can expect to unlock the vendors in about 9 - 10 days (or just a little over one week).

that would bring this entire ordeal journey to about one month and a week (give or take a few days) before being able to purchase the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub.

if more dailies ARE unlocked for phase 3, then just estimate the entire process to be slightly less than a month.

sounds like a long time, eh? it'll probably go by faster than expected. the worst part will be the waiting between each daily reset imo. :P

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