Friday, June 10, 2011

Hate to Burst Your Bubble.. er, Balloon

keen observers over at noticed that in mmo-champion's screenshot of the new horde and alliance balloon companions, there were also balloons with the darkmoon faire logo on them.

also, these pets are bind on pick up rather than the traditional bind on account for extra special companions.

while i still think it would be awesome if these two new pets were offered as an anniversary gift from blizzard this year, so far there's strong evidence that they will most likely come from a (darkmoon faire?) vendor. see comments! XD or check out the updated 4.2 possible pets list!

UPDATE: in case you missed it, thanks to kezzy in the comments below, there is a confirmed source for the two balloon pets. :D new (low level) faction specific quests, blown away, will award a faction balloon. and no, unfortunately, you can't do your opposing faction's quest. (i just tried haha) also, the balloons are in the same boat as the tuskarr kite and dragon kite; they will disappear when you mount up. sadness!


  1. The Horde balloon comes from a quest started from an orc boy named Jaga. He resides by the lake in the Valley of Wisdom. You have to gather 5 windswept balloons in order to complete the quest and receive the balloon pet as the reward.

    The alliance version is started from a draenei boy near the orphanage in Stormwind.

  2. @Kezzy: thank you for this update!!

  3. Also, I flew out to the Darkmoon Faire to see if you could obtain a darkmoon balloon there, but I wasn't able to find one. :(


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