Friday, June 17, 2011

For Funsies

since patch 4.2 seems to have been pushed back a week, i've had more time to find useless things to do in-game. i SHOULD be gearing up my paladin and hunter in heroics, but my latest addiction has been "let's match my hunter pets with vanity pets"!

so as you can see, i have my faithful wolf pet and worg pup. after the success with my previous pet+pet+mount endeavor, i headed over to blackrock spire JUST to get the worg companion so my wolf didn't feel as lonely or left out.

it's not quite a 100% match since my hunter pet is ghostly, but i just can't turn down a unique looking pet heh.

i think i'll continue this whenever i have the spare time. i probably won't be able to keep all the hunter pets i tame since i'm already low on stable slots (booo!!!), but i'll at least have screenshots to commemorate each moment. :)

hmm... i guess that means i'm going to have to start building my hunter's non-combat pet collection. not that i mind all that much... :P

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