Friday, June 24, 2011

Ooo Shiny!

i can 100% confirm that the searing scorchling does drop from zen'vorka's cache on the PTR. it took me 7 bags (so about one week's worth of dailies), and all the other times i received only greens. on the 7th day (today) i got a green plus the scorchling pet. whether or not this droprate will be the same for everyone, i don't know. we'll have to wait for more data to get a better idea of the droprate.

but for now, if nothing changes between now and patch 4.2 release, YES our fiery friend will drop from zen'vorka's cache. it will be purchasable for 30 marks of the world tree and you must complete all the phases up to and including the three vendor specific quests (filling the moonwell, additional armaments, and calling the ancients).

welcome back searing scorchling!
(click the image above to enlarge.)


  1. Oh well, that's another pet that's not unique anymore :(

    Personally, I'd prefer it if they didn't make old pets available again. Even though I've missed stuff like the Vampire Bat, it means those pets are impressive when you see them.

  2. @Raax: i would agree but only in certain circumstances.

    very limited duration pets such as the vampire bat, anniversary pets, and other companions that were announced that they would only be around for a limited time, yes, i think they should remain unavailable after the allotted time has passed to acquire them. but as for pets like the searing scorchling which was around for a couple of years prior to being displaced/replaced (quite suddenly and without warning, if i might add), i'm glad to see it make a come back so all players (new and old) can have a shot at it.


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