Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Pet This Year Is...

the frigid frostling! or at least that's what it sounds like from other players so far. i haven't had any luck on my alts, so i can't really say for sure.

i haven't heard of any news about the searing scorchling returning to the midsummer fire festival boss loot list, so there's still a possibility that we'll see our fiery friend as a drop from the new 4.2 daily hub goodie bag.

as far as the midsummer fire festival goes, it doesn't seem as if anything's changed from last year. one attempt for the pet per day, per character. the holiday loot bag is still soulbound. the capes that drop off of ahune as well as the frostscythe have had their ilvl increased to epic 353. and the fire festival vendors still sell the same items for the same blossom prices.

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't relieved to find that things weren't changed around again. good luck to everyone going after the frigid frostling this year!


  1. One thing I'd like to see is the ability to trade items from the bags within your dungeon party, inside of a time limit. Surely there are people who are angling for the Scythe, and are disappointed with the pet?

  2. @Sunscorch: that would be an interesting change! some might argue that a negative side-effect could be people taking advantage of this somehow and/or scamming cross-realm party members out of items. technically, though, it would be the same as if the item dropped straight from the boss and a player traded it with another player. the only difference would be that players won't have to roll against anyone else to initially win the item. what they do with it after is entirely up to them.


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