Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waiting For Things to Heat Up

note: long winded post is long winded. i write a similar one up each year and will continue to do so because i think it's important that players don't forget. over time we may grow accustomed and complacent to how things are done/run in game, but it's important to understand different perspectives, how we got there and both the highs and lows we've had to go through while on the current path we walk.

there are about 2 weeks left until the anticipated/dreaded midsummer fire festival comes to azeroth. the entire event will last for just about 2 weeks itself, a little less if you're unable to squeeze in that first/last dungeon run for the holiday loot bag.

this festival really hits a nerve for many pet collectors. why? mainly due to the shocking and unexpected changes it has undergone in the previous years. first was the removal of the beloved and highly sought after searing scorchling (still has yet to make a reappearance in-game), which was replaced by the frigid frostling. then came the new holiday loot system in which players could only attempt to obtain holiday boss vanity items (companion pets included) exactly once per day, per toon. and no, unlike the call to arms satchel of exotic mysteries, the holiday bag is NOT bind on account (at least it hasn't been thus far).

although it wasn't the only in-game event that was affected by the changed holiday system, pets were also displaced/replaced pretty much out of the blue. this left pet collectors shaken up, and bit untrusting of the future and longevity of any holiday dropped companion.

which is understandable. the searing scorchling's sudden disappearance from the holiday made it very clear that blizzard could and would pull the plug on any pet without any warning. add to that that pet collectors only have a limited time each year to try for these seasonal companions... well you can see why it's more of a stressful than fun and enjoyable time of year for some players, yea?

i'm still quite unsatisfied and not in favor of the holiday loot system. for any player who's chosen path is to collect pets, there's absolutely nothing they can do during each event each year to increase their chances even slightly. no control whatsoever. it's very frustrating and demoralizing. with the way it currently is, i'm actually glad that no new holiday dropped pets have been added since the release of cataclysm.

one thing that blizzard could do to attempt to ease the strain would be to make the holiday loot bags bind on account in the same way the satchel of exotic mysteries is also BoA. it may give collectors with eligible alts some hope that if they do manage to snag a pet on a character that's not their collecting main, they can send it to the correct toon which would help maintain their collection and keep it intact. more than a few collectors would definitely appreciate a change such as this.

it would only be a small compromise, but a compromise nonetheless. i'm not saying it would erase what has already happened, make everyone forget the past, and everything will be sunshine and rainbows, but it would at least be a sign that blizzard is taking the needs of even the smaller gameplay communities into consideration and implementing means for them to play in their chosen style within the game.


  1. I agree. I don't even do the holiday bosses on my alts now (unless my main has the pet/mounts already) because I would be crushed if they got it and my main didn't. This system isn't fun. It's stressful and full of disappointment. At least before friends could pass to me and we could "farm" the boss, but now I have to rely on RNG in a stupid once a day loot bag.

  2. Ditto @ what Pandy said- I won't run the holiday bosses on alts anymore for that very reason. I love and hate the new system- I do like that I don't have to worry about farming non-stop (I have 2 kiddos now that I didn't have when I began collecting), AND that I don't have to worry about losing the roll- but I tend to have terrible luck with those loot bags. I was lucky enough to get the scorchling the last year it was available (I had tried endlessly the year before with no luck), and it has always been one of my favorite pets. It's such a shame that Blizzard removed it for no good reason. I had a lot of friends crushed by that decision because they had never found one.

    I also hate this system because of the incredibly low luck with mounts- I'm not as crazy of a mount collector as pets, but I do enjoy mounts as well. Especially the holiday ones, which I've never even seen drop before the change to bags- let alone after.

    I really don't see why they can't limit the loot bags to being the rare armor rewards (weapons, etc), and implement a 'mark' system for mounts and pets. They finally did that with Valentines Day (though only for Peddlefeet). Make it so that you have to run that boss every single day to get one or the other- anything really. So the mounts and pets wouldn't quite be as special snowflake as they are now... that's fine by me, really. I've never cared if something I have is rare, I just use what I like. :) ~Saberella, Aggramar-US

  3. @pandy: same. prior to the holiday loot change, hunting for the elusive holiday pets was fun (at least for me). after getting the pet on my main collector, i would hop onto alts to use their summons to help guildies that helped me, to get their desired items (be it a holiday vanity item or actual piece of gear).

    even if blizzard doesn't revert it back to the original system (the one they called "bugged" but let continue on for years and years before the change), there are many ideas and suggestions on how to make this current holiday loot system more collector friendly and less of a drag. they seem to continue to overlook the ideas and suggestions though.

    @Diana: a big question that i have is how many factors does an item need to have to be to be considered rare, though? not only do collectors have to combat RNG, but there's also only a limited number of days a collector can even make attempts to get the pet or mount. and then to add insult to injury, there's that cap of one try per character per day.

    why doesn't blizzard just add to that list of factors: "must be level 9000, must have maxed out ALL professions at least once, AND cleared ALL heroic raid dungeons." /end sarcasm


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