Monday, June 20, 2011

Midsummer Fire Festival Tomorrow

i took the weekend off from the game, but believe me... in the back of my mind i was anxiously wondering about this year's midsummer fire festival.

rather than being excited about it, i'm more nervous than anything. yes, this is what each in-game seasonal event has reduced me to. ever since the changes to how holiday boss loot was distributed and the sudden removal of the searing scorchling, in-game events have been pretty stressful for me.

it seems silly, but without any sense of security/guarantee plus the fact that there's only a relatively small window to hunt for any of the boss dropped holiday pets, my desire to "catch them all" turns into a nerve-wracking, hair pulling, sleep depriving anxiety.

if this was how blizzard intended each holiday event to be experienced for some players and collectors, they've succeeded.

what i think blizzard is missing when it comes to these types of situations is a deeper understanding and connection to the majority that participate and take collecting seriously. some things that i think should be taken into consideration and discussed properly:
- how many factors does a vanity item need in order for it to be considered "rare"? RNG? limited time? limited number of attempts? bind on pick up? low drop rate? (note how that's all the factors that collectors are up against when it comes to holiday boss dropped pets)

- the mentality of a collector and how when combined with certain gameplay aspects implemented during in-game holiday events, can turn what's supposed to be a fun and easy-going time of year into a stressful one for many players and collectors.
well, here's to another year of nail biting and the loss of sleep for the next couple of weeks. good luck to all going after the pets this year. i hope, for everyone's sake, that blizzard doesn't decide to throw a curve ball and remove the frigid frostling and replace it with a different pet... again.


  1. Maybe we will be able to buy the Searing Scorchling with blossoms this year.

  2. I so agree. This isn't fun for me at all, either. Remember when Peddlefeet was a rare drop from doing stuff? I didn't get him for 3 years. Finally when they made him a reward for collecting X amount of things, I could get him. I *need* frigid frostling THIS YEAR. COME ON RNG!

  3. @Gorman: that would definitely help reduce the stress on many collectors that haven't had much luck with holiday pet drops!

    @pandy: i wouldn't mind the RNG as much if it were available all year 'round and/or we had an unlimited number of attempts to try for the pets each holiday, but everything compounded together just makes me want to bang my head on my desk repeatedly and then curl into a corner heh.


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