Friday, June 17, 2011

Critters and Creatures I'd Like to Call My Own

speaking of useless things to do and spare time...

there are so, SO many awesome creatures in azeroth that i lament over not being able to call my own, so i'm going to start a list of critters and other non-vanity pet creatures that i hope will one day become available as non-combat companions.

i'll get screenshots of all of them in time. for now, i'll start off with the following critters (in no particular order):
- wild clucker

- raven

- (horned) lizard

- desert spider

- reincarnated skytalon

- beetle
more to come... LOTS more! :D


  1. For models that are already in the game, I'd also like a gazelle and a baby giraffe.

    For models not in the game, a horse foal please :D

  2. @Kintarah: i agree! and there are horse foals wandering along the river in hillsbrad foothills (although they don't really look like foals.. more like miniature horses).


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