Tuesday, June 14, 2011


on the count of three ok? 1, 2, 3... "awwwwww"

it's like looking at a living teddy bear. i just want to run up and squeeze the crap out of it until it explodes with love. lol.

anyway, the hyjal bear cub does mean that my PTR-self has finally completed the 2nd pet vendor-specific quest (calling the ancients) in the new hyjal questing hub.

i found out that i probably should have turned in this quest BEFORE filling the moonwell as calling the ancients seems to be related to a daily that awards marks during phase 3 that you don't have access to anymore unless you recruit the ancients first. yea, it's a bit strange and somewhat explains why i was earning less marks than what i would normally get from doing all the dailies.

well, only one more quest (additional armaments) to turn in before unlocking the vendor that sells the cache that might drop the searing scorchling. unfortunately, the PTR will probably come to an end before i can test my luck with the cache a few times. oh well. guess i'll just have to do it all again once 4.2 goes live. :P

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