Tuesday, June 7, 2011


hm, so in a blue post made by lylirra in reference to the patch 4.2 dailies:
"(Just FYI, once everything is unlocked, you'll be able to pick up 17-18 quests in total from the new daily hubs.)"
- lylirra
i'm not sure what i'm missing, but i definitely didn't count 18 while testing on the PTR. more like 15 dailies per day, with a total of 29 marks that can be earned per day (click to view). then again, i only counted the dailies that awarded marks, not side or follow up quests that awarded only gold or chained to other quests.

but hearing that there might be more that i'm missing, i'll have to go back and recount now or else it will bug me nonstop. lol. it's not like i wasn't going to keep doing the dailies on the PTR anyway, though. i'm close to finally being able to preview the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub for myself! /excited.

oh, the things i do for pets. :P

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