Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Balloon, Two! Red Balloon, Blue!

according to mmo-champion, blizzard devs snuck in TWO more possible pets for 4.2! this time we're getting... balloons?
- horde balloon
- alliance balloon
no idea where they will come from or how to obtain them. but part of me thinks that blizzard is planning a party of sorts. perhaps a... birthday party? wink, wink. :P

we'll have to wait for future announcements or hints on this one!

imo, i'd love to receive a fun balloon companion for blizzard's anniversary this year. my only worry: like the dragon kite and tuskarr kite, we won't be able to summon the balloons while mounted. that would definitely "deflate" my interest... har har. :P


  1. Looking on wowhead, the item is white (common) quality, BoP and sells for 15s, so I think it should be a fairly easy to get item.

    Also, yay balloons :D

  2. @Kintarah: yea, the first place i'm going to check for these balloons on the PTR is the toy vendor that wanders around stormwind :D


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