Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So Close Yet Still So Far!

oh vendors, why do you tease me so? :(

in related news, just hopped onto the PTR a bit early to check other stuff out and noticed a new daily in the molten front area. perhaps another one to add to the list? maybe another mark to add to the total count that can be earned each day? or it could just be a new daily added to an existing rotation of dailies (ie: no change to the number of dailies available each day).

i'll have to wait and see once the dailies reset.


  1. Though I like this idea of pet collecting (actually doing some unique type of work to unlock things) I'm a little frustrated because the third vendor (the one that doesn't carry a pet) has all the really great items, such as a brand new weapon pattern I really need.

    Kinda in a bad spot. It will probably be late this year before I can get both of these new pets (depending on when 4.2 is released and the final count to unlock everything).

  2. @Harval: that's definitely the trade-off when it comes to collecting. at least it will give us something to busy ourselves with for a while!


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