Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WarcraftPets - Slow But Going

WarcraftPets.com may be more sluggish than usual this week, and may even experience a few moments of down time. don't worry, the website is merely feeling the effects of the large influx of returning/new users due to the latest content patch. plus the midsummer fire festival is still well underway.

the WarcraftPets admins are diligently working on a solution and fix for the site, and it's estimated to be ready by the next large content patch.

in the meantime, please be patient when visiting the website. peak hours during the day are when the site is most likely to be slower than normal, so it's suggested that users update their collection status and comment during off peak hours (early morning and late evening).

once things have settled down within the next couple of weeks, site stability should return to normal.

thank you for your understanding and continued support of WarcraftPets.com! :)

ps: if you're having trouble viewing the newest pets page on WarcraftPets, i have an alternative (not as pretty) list of 4.2 pets here.


  1. I can stomach updating my collection when the site is slow, but I'll have to hold off rating the new pets until it quiets down a bit.

  2. @Harval: ahh patch days, gotta love all the new stuff, bugs, lag and all lol.


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