Sunday, June 5, 2011

More On Hyjal Dailies

i finally turned in the last part of phase 2/2.5 on the PTR. unfortunately, since the dailies were somewhat buggy while i was working my way through them, i can't confidently track the number of marks from here on out.

fortunately, i'm finally on phase 3 which is the two vendor specific quests. i'm 99% sure that at least one new daily that's unlocked. the other new dailies that are now available to me... well i'm not sure if they're "new" or the resulting daily chain of completing the other reputation branch.

remember: blizzard wanted us to be able to choose our path for this new quest line. i chose to complete the daily chain for druids of the talon first and then the shadow wardens as part of phase 2.5 it's possible that if i had done it the other way around, i might have started these "new" dailies as part of phase 2 first.

i'll have to do more testing, but for now i can't say how many dailies and how many marks can be earned per day. actual numbers will have to wait until dailies reset.

a "worst case scenario" situation: 250 marks are needed to fully unlock both vendors. you start out with zero (this is hypothetical and i'm not sure that it's the case; you may actually start out with quite a few left over marks from phase 2 and 2.5), but the transition quests will award 5 marks, so you actually need 245. if you can earn only the same number of marks as phase 2 and 2.5 (27 marks per day), it will take about 9 - 10 days to finish up. it's not bad at all.

personally, i doubt blizzard would make phase 3 award LESS marks than the previous ones, so i'm using 27 as a baseline. we'll see, though. i'll have more after i can go through all of them tomorrow.

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