Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exploiting or Just Playing the Game?

if you haven't heard already, the new dailies have been acting up on some servers. they've been resetting more than once per day, meaning players have been completing the same dailies more than once per day. this resulted in some players gaining an advantage over others, advancing through the new mount hyjal/molten front storyline much faster than intended. blizzard mentioned that this bug was fixed in a hotfix for june 29:
"It is no longer possible to complete some daily quests more than once a day by turning them in during a small window before the standard reset time."
despite this hotfix claim, wowhead's noted that many players are already nearly on stage 3 of the new quest chain.

this makes me wonder whether or not the dailies have been truly hotfixed or not, since phase 3 means those players had to have gained 300+ marks of the world tree. each set of dailies available per day only net about 25ish marks, which means those players would have had to do a set of dailies many many times in the small window that they were bugged to reach 300+ marks.

i honestly don't know what to make of the entire situation. as much as i would like to rush through the new storyline and unlock the vendors to access the hyjal bear cub and crimson lasher, do i want to run the risk of having blizzard roll my progress back (maybe completely resetting and/or taking away my marks and progress) and possibly suspending me? is taking part in extra dailies considered an exploit? who's at fault here? those making use of what's available to them or blizzard for not catching and fixing this bug prior to the patch release? if someone needs to be found guilty, is punishment also justified?

there's a whole lot of grey in this situation, with very few clear-cut answers.

for now, i won't be doing any extra dailies. at least not until blizzard makes some sort of official statement regarding their stance on this bug. it will mean i'll probably end up behind others in terms of progress to unlocking the new pet vendors, but i'm not the type to risk it all, especially when these two pets are a guarantee. it's not like these dailies will disappear any time soon.

i'd be lying if i said i wasn't tempted though.


  1. It's that compulsion to do something faster and NOW that makes me sad about the game. I hate feeling like I HAVE to play - I want to play when I want to play .... but I SO WANT new pets :)

  2. I would've done it if I'd found it - it's Blizzard's fault for not testing fully.

    I think everybody would.

  3. @Sephrenya: that's pretty much life though. we've gotten so used things being fast paced, convenient, and go go go. it's not that we don't have the time, there's just so much more to do now.

    @Raax: a big question now is what blizzard is going to do about it. roll everyone who participated back? suspend people? leave it alone? i'm not sure i could agree with them if they decided to punish people for their mistake. then again... blizzard could argue differently.


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