Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mount Hyjal Dailies Progress

if you're wondering if you're on track to unlocking the vendors for the crimson lasther, hyjal bear cub, and searing scorchling, you should currently have 53 marks and be on phase 2 of the storyline. that is, only if you started doing the dailies on the day of release and have been consistently completing all of them each day (and if you didn't complete any extra during the daily bug on the first few nights after patch release).

if my calculations are correct, players who fall into the above category will reach phase 2.5 (turn in 150 marks to either the druids of the talon or the shadow wardens) in approximately one week. those who are behind will obviously take more than one week.

after phase 2 and 2.5, i'm not as confident about the number of marks awarded per day. it was heavily bugged on the PTR when i was doing them, and they changed a few of the dailies while i was mid-way through. i'll update my post accordingly as soon as i advance into phase 3.

i'm eager to get the two new pets! curse having to wait for resets. :P


  1. They've hotfix or messed up on 07/01/11. I started 5 of my alts on the Hyjal quests on that date, and ALL of them got into Molten Front on day 1 with 25 Mark to show for. Meanwhile my hunter character is now slowly plowing through the dailies outside.

    I believe the hot fix, they award mark on 2 of the prerequisite non-dailies, thus getting you into Molten Front faster.

  2. @BigFire: interesting! i guess that just goes to show hotfixes may just break things even more rather than fixing them.

  3. hrm I have 65 marks, just did my dailies today. I didn't "cheat", I did them once a day since it started.

    on a side note, still no ice chip :( I'm super frustrated that this is starting to look like another no ice chip year.

  4. @pandy: i have 67 marks as of july 3, 845 PM. seems like there's a lot of inconsistency with the storyline and marks.

  5. I'm on 51 marks today, but I'm 2 days behind as I'm European, and wasn't able to play one day.

    I think I may have missed one daily once I unlocked the Molten Front, but I'm not sure. I honestly wish the progress was a little more linear.

  6. As of this morning I have 79 Marks. Some Guildies say that they have 1 or 2 more which seems to point to a change somewhere since I did not miss 1 daily that I am aware of. Guess I'll have to possibly add 1 more day to get vendor access.

  7. @Gwenn: blizzard didn't do that great of a job with keeping the quests entirely linear. i actually forgot about an extra quest that you can pick up immediately after you start the dailies in the molten front. luckily, a guildie reminded me. still, somewhat poor design.

    @Judgedad: did you zone out of the molten front and complete the side quest(s) related to hamuul runetotem the initial day you advanced into the molten front? if so, then i'm not sure what blizzard did. i know that in phase 2.5 and 3, some days will award less total marks than other days (which is why i mention you can earn up to a max of 27-30 per day on my overview), but for the current phase... it should be the same for everyone. blizzard seems to have dropped the ball on this.


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