Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nightsaber Cub Update

wowtcgloot updated their news post yesterday with the current status on the nightsaber cub invalid code problem.
"UPDATE 27th July: The [Nightsaber Cub] loot code "Redemption key does not exist" is currently unresolved, but we have concluded it is almost certainly only restricted to this loot card. Please see post1 post2 post3. Thank you for your patience as we wait for Blizzard and Cryptozoic to solve the problem. Feel free to try this code until the problem is fixed: 9203 150781 56969 807792 9202, if it works let us know in our chatbox!"
so unfortunately for pet collectors, the nightsaber cub seems to be the only loot card affected by the bug, and it's still currently unresolved. hopefully blizzard, wowtcgloot, and cryptozoic will keep us all updated and informed about this pet's status.

UPDATE: those with the code on hand should try redeeming their code again. there are a few reports floating around that some players have been successful in getting their nightsaber cub companion.

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