Monday, July 11, 2011

Pets for Charity has announced that blizzard has joined up with the peninsula education foundation again! this time, the items up for grabs is being put up for auction on ebay.

the following pets are included in the lot:
- mini thor
- netherwhelp
- frosty
- lil' deathwing
- murky
also included are 4 TCG mounts, a one year WoW subscription, and the 4 murky plushies. for more details see the links posted above.

this auction is a bit too rich for my blood (which makes me super sad since it's rare to see an unused murky card these days), but good luck to those bidding!


  1. This is actually a super good deal; Murky alone goes for at least $2000 these days if you find him on eBay every so often. Still, too rich for my blood as well. The only TCG pets I own are the Hippogryph (which was a birthday present a couple of years ago) and Tuskarr Kite (won this from WarcraftPets). I may end up getting Bananas here soon since I have steady work again, but the others are just too much for me unfortunately.

    This isn't counting the "new" (lame) TCG pets which are extremely cheap, or the Blizz Store pets which I of course bought.

  2. @Harval: nearly all the CE versions (signed copies for extra special-ness) + a murky? yea, i agree. it's a sweet buy. what would put it over the top would be an original CE WoW. :O


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