Monday, July 11, 2011

Double Booked

i'm excited for blizzcon 2011 and i can't wait to find out what this year's goodie bag item will be. a mount? a pet? something else? i'm also eager to hear what the "big announcement" will be (if any). last but not least, i can't forget about the WarcraftPets meet up!

but... wait. blizzcon is scheduled for october 21 and 22. double checking the in-game calendar, those dates fall right in the middle of... hallow's end.

insert a headdesk and facepalm emote here.

yes, it appears that the 2011 blizzcon has been placed right in the middle of an in-game holiday. why does this matter? well if the datamining of recent patches is any indication, there may be an overhaul and update to this in-game event, with two possible new pets: the creepy crate and feline familiar (note: both are still unconfirmed).

this makes me somewhat upset that i'll have to choose between attending an awesome convention or staying in to partake in the (revamped?) in-game holiday.

i've already bought and paid for the blizzcon tickets as well as made the reservations for the room. this doesn't leave me with too many options, does it? part of me regrets making the decision to go.

personally, i'm unwilling to haul my entire desktop setup to anaheim, which would not only be a huge inconvenience but potential security risk. i'd like to NOT have to worry about my computer being stolen from my hotel room while i'm at blizzcon, thanks.

i really have no idea what this year's hallow's end will entail. maybe it won't require full and daily participation or maybe there will be daily quests that are absolutely necessary for any new pets. either way, i'm anxious now. in a worst case scenario, i suppose i could attempt to load up the game onto my laptop so i don't miss any days of the event while attending blizzcon, but i'm not even sure if my laptop can handle WoW.

part of me is bitter and slightly grumpy that this wasn't better planned out by blizzard, but another and more reasonable part knows and understands that there are some factors outside of blizzard's control that they just had to work around. rather than poor planning, it could have just been tough luck.

either way... i'm still somewhat irritated and saddened. as open minded as i try to be, i'm still human and i'd like to have my cake and eat it too. hmph!


  1. Your laptop should be able to handle WoW if it's not too old. You'd be surprised how easygoing it is on the old processors.

    Your problem might come from the hotel's internet, though. It's likely you'll not be the only Blizzcon attendee there with this idea!

  2. @Sunscorch: that's good news! i'll have to test it out on my laptop soon so i won't stress about it.

    crap, that's right. 20,000+ attendees all fighting over local internet bandwidth... oiii. hopefully i'll be able to log in long enough to get what needs to be done, done! it's still such a huge inconvenience.

  3. A way around the hotel internet access would be to use a broadband usb modem. Verizon sells them. I use them to play WoW on business trips. The latency is pretty bad on them though. But, if you are just doing holiday bosses and some quests it should work fine for that.

  4. @Boltac: thanks for the tip! i'll have to look into one of those. i'm not sure i could justify buying one JUST for blizzcon, lol, but i'm glad the option is open at least.

  5. This is not on topic but wanted to mention it anyway :P

    I was doing my Druids of the Talon dailies tonight and got one to collect Fire Hawk Hatchlings ... make them a mini pet Blizzard!

  6. @Kintarah: i TOTALLY agree! i'm not sure how it would get along with the phoenix hatchling though. maybe a long lost cousin/sibling? :D

  7. In the past, various vendors had set-ups to let Blizzcon attendees test out new rigs with WoW. The past 3 years I've gone, I've logged on briefly to say to guildies from Blizzcon. From what I recall - there was no time limit on how long you could chill. So, it may be possible for you to do what Hallow's End tasks you need to do while at Blizzcon itself.

  8. @Phaedra: that's great news, but i bet the line will be killer. i'll still probably bring my laptop just in case. i just hope the lag isn't too terrible.


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