Saturday, July 16, 2011

Behind, Ahead, IDK Anymore

keeping track of the new mount hyjal daily progress is giving me a headache. because it depends mainly on the individual progress and choice, it varies (often only slightly) from player to player. certainly, there are some set standards such as how many dailies are given per day as well as how many marks can be earned, but there are other factors that effect these things and the overall progress of the individual. which ones were unlocked first, at what point in the storyline were they unlocked, etc. it's difficult to try and maintain a definite "guide" for the dailies.

as of yesterday i'm on phase 3, which is the start of the three vendor specific quests. after doing both sets of dailies (shadow warden and druid of the talons), i think i've come to a conclusion on the most efficient way of advancing through this storyline. unfortunately for me, i won't be able to test it out on my main character since she's already knee-deep into the dailies. also unfortunately for me, since i was waiting for a guildie to catch up, i may be behind 1 or 2 marks. we'll see.

but i digress. if i were to do it all again, here's the path i would take:
1. initial phase 1 and 2.
2. turn into druids of the talon first.
3. complete the druids of the talon set of dailies at least once.
4. turn into shadow wardens as soon as i'm able to.
5. complete the shadow wardens set of dailies as soon as i'm able to.
6. turn in calling the ancients.
7. turn in filling the moonwell.
8. turn in additional armaments.
i didn't do step 5, so that's where my progress might falter, but again, it's tough to keep track and compare to other people since it depends on the player's choices.

the key parts are turning in each set of 150 marks and steps 6 through 7. if you want to advance faster, i recommend completing calling the ancients first since last i checked it will unlock a daily quest that awards 3 marks. the last two steps are a toss up for me. i believe additional armaments unlocks a daily that awards 2 marks while filling the moonwell daily only awards 1, but the latter quest unlocks the vendor that sells the crimson lasher! so you can see my dilemma, heh. completing all three quests are required to have a shot at zen'vorka's cache and ultimately the searing scorchling.

anyway, that's just my take on the whole matter thus far. if someone discovers an even better way, that's great! hopefully they'll share it with others who have yet to get started on this quest chain.

i'm definitely looking forward to buying my first pet soon! hyjal bear cub, get ready to join my army in about 3 days :D


  1. Everyone seems confused. All I know is I started with the Shadow Wardens and today I managed to hand in my 150 Marks for the Druids. I was left with 17 Marks once I'd handed it in.

    I now have the three 125 vendor quests.

    As far as I know, I haven't missed a daily since patch day and I didn't cheat to get extra marks.

    Hope that helps.

  2. You don't have to do Step 5 per se, after you complete the Shadow Warden quest, go to the Forlorn Spire and kill one of the Fire Druids to unlock the Fire Lasher daily. Apart from the Fire Lasher, you aren't missing anything by switching factions for a day. (Unless you're into achievements.)

    I'm in P3 as well, and getting 26 marks/day - hopefully that's right.

  3. @Raax: i think the confusion stems from some players missing a one or two mark quest when it was initially implemented, and then blizzard changing the phase 1 a bit. another factor are the obscure "side" quests that unlock other dailies + award a small (yet sizable) number of marks. i'm not 100% sure but i don't think the same number of marks are awarded each day since it depends on which dailies are available. i haven't double checked it, but i think some dailies that are in rotation with others don't always award the same number as the others.

    these things throw people off because when comparing to others, things don't always add up. not to mention the two faction choices kinda make people wonder whether or not they're on the right track.

    @uDH: the part about step 5 was to obtain that extra set of 5 marks and to unlock the extra daily for the shadow wardens. if i could do it again, i'd get that done asap.

    yea i'm getting 26 marks for yesterday as well (i did the shadow wardens quests). the thing is, i think as soon as you jump into phase 3, if you don't complete the other sub-faction set of dailies, you'll only earn 25. so i might have missed 1 extra mark for the first day that i turned in my second set of 150 marks. we'll see if i fall short when it comes time to unlock that first vendor.

  4. @Raax - Sounds like you missed the escort quest at the end of the underground area where you fall down after completing the druid's escort quest. It gives 5 marks and a daily for 1 more.


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