Sunday, July 17, 2011

On Track Now?

ok. i think i've got it. the overview for accessing the new hyjal pets has been updated. whew. hopefully it's accurate and correct. phase 1 may be off, though, since blizzard decided to change the first step. i'll have to do it on an alt to find out later.

in phase 3 (when you've turned in both 150 mark quests and picked up all three 125 mark quests), you should be earning a total of 26 marks per day.

i tested this with the shadow warden set of dailies and this is correct. it should also be the correct number for the druids of the talon set of dailies, but i'll test it out tomorrow.

for phase 3.5 and onward, here are the possible routes you can take:
- completing calling the ancients** unlocks a new daily that awards 3 marks per day

- completing additional armaments unlocks 2 1 new daily that awards 4 2 marks total per day (edited: see comments below for an update on progression)

- completing filling the moonwell** unlocks a quest (no daily) that awards a one time lump sum of 10 marks
note that only the first and last quests (the ones marked with a **) unlock vendors that sell the two new pets, the crimson lasher and hyjal bear cub. to have a shot at the searing scorchling, you'll have to turn in all three quests.

at the very end of this entire adventure (when you've turned in all three 125 mark quests), you should be earning about 30 marks per day more or less. just enough to purchase zen'vorka's cache for a shot at the scorchling companion.

the great thing about these vendors besides the pets? almost all items sold by the vendors cost gold, so any marks earned after unlocking all three vendors will pretty much be useless unless you want to purchase your faction's main city reputation tokens (such as stormwind, darnassus, etc). aaaa~and because everything else will cost gold, you can buy the cache without any guilt or reservations. just keep doing those dailies!


  1. I'm on the "standard" track, started on Day 1 and didn't do any extra sets of dailies. I'm earning 26 marks per day at the moment too :)

    Agonising about which of the three to turn in first when I get enough marks ... the one with more marks or the one with pets?

  2. @Kintarah: the pets imo! i know i definitely can't say no to the prospect of a new pet or two lol. :P

  3. I had a bit of a peek on wowhead and it turns out that the two new dailies coming from Additional Armaments might be mutually exclusive. It seems like they are related to the Shadow Wardens / Druids of the Talon areas so you can likely only do one.

    That would make Calling the Ancients the fastest route.

  4. @Kintarah: hmm from what i understand, additional armaments unlocks one new daily that's picked up regardless if you choose druids/wardens. it also unlocks a second daily that's druids/wardens exclusive. two new dailies that both award 2 marks each. i'm not 100% sure though.

  5. I found a table detailing how many marks you get per day for the various combinations of venor quests. It appears that there are two combinations that let you finish the chain a day sooner than the rest; Ancient then Armorer then Moonwell will give you exactly 125 marks after 3 days of working towards the third vendor while Armorer, then Moonwell then Ancients will leave you with 126 marks after 3 days.

  6. @Epiktetos: it's a shame that the armorer doesn't result in a vendor that sells a pet! :P

  7. It looks like Additional Armaments give you 2 extra marks, not 4.

    So if your options for the *second* vendor are Moonwell or the Armory (Additional Armaments) you technically get the same results:

    Armory: 2-Mark Daily x 5 Days = 10 Marks
    Moonwell: Leyara questline completed = 10 Marks

    By the 5th day, your last vendor is done!

  8. @uDH: that's interesting, yet fair. i could see why blizzard would choose to implement it this way.

    thanks for the update! i'll be sure to change my overview with this new information.


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