Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't Play With Fire

hooray, the crimson lasher has been added to my collection! unfortunately, it seems as though this little plant is too attracted to fire. plant suicide? plant-icide? hopefully it's fireproof. :P

note: this pet doesn't actually set itself on fire. it was just in an awkward position when it decided to throw a fireball. the fire didn't have anywhere else to land except underneath the lasher lol.

anyway, the follow up side quest about leyara was a little bugged. upon turning in the locket at moonglade, the NPC who was supposed to present me with a follow up quest didn't want cooperate so i had to go to war with the cenarion circle and do away with him. :( he didn't offer any dialogue on dire maul for me, so killing him was my only other option other than waiting for who knows how long for someone else to come by to speak to him about DM.

but with that sorted out, i received my 10 extra marks, and i'm now well on my way to the last and final 125 mark quest in the hyjal storyline! yay!

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