Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Nightsaber Cub Stuck In Limbo

the nightsaber cub arrives today! or at least that was the plan.

wowtcgloot announced that "There appears to be a serious quality assurance issue with the [Nightsaber Cub] loot card." when attempting the redeem the loot, the codes assigned to the new nightsaber cub cards are not working as intended, therefore wowtcgloot as opted to delay the sending of the pre-ordered loot codes until blizzard has resolved the issue.

WarcraftPets has also commented on the issue, and remains hopeful that blizzard will set things right. if you pre-ordered this adorable little kitten companion, the only thing to do for now is be patient and wait for a resolution.

it sounds as though wowtcgloot WILL have your loot card ready for you to redeem once the activation codes are properly implemented, though. so that's at least one less thing to worry about. :)

last but not least, the spectral tiger cub giveaway drawing to a random pre-order purchaser of the nightsaber cub will take place in about 48 hours or so. keep checking the wowtcgloot website for more details.

i can't wait to add this cutie to my collection! well, all in good time. :)

ps: for anyone curious, the image on wowtcgloot's news page of the nightsaber cub loot card is not what the card actually looks like. the red alarm thing on its head was edited in. lol, at first i was confused as to why it was wearing what i thought was a red hat. then i was confused why it was wearing a siren type device. and then i /facepalmed because i checked the actual nightsaber cub page and saw the original card. man, i have my moments. lol.


  1. This always makes me nervous. It's just $11, but still... until I have my pet safely in my collection this type of weirdness makes me uneasy.

    Anyhow, I hope I win the Spectral Cub!

  2. @Harval: since it sounds as though the issue is tech/maintenance related on blizzard's end, if blizzard can't seem to get the nightsaber loot codes to function properly, either cryptozoic or blizzard need to offer some sort of compensation imo. nothing super huge, but something other than a 'sorry, tough luck.'

  3. It makes me sad that they have not posted any sort of update on this for 2 days. The admitted there was a problem they were looking into but that was it. I would have hoped they would have at least made some sort of update by now. Heck when the EU players were not able to get their Netherwhelp pets Blizz gave them Murlocs as compensation until they fixed the issue. I think it is only fair that we get the same >.< *wishful thinking*

  4. @Rhapture: wowtcgloot updated their news page yeseterday, july 27, but unfortunately not with any new information.


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