Thursday, July 21, 2011

WarcraftPets Giveaway!

WarcraftPets is teaming up with WoWTCGLoot again for the nightsaber cub presale. on top of that, WcP is having their own contest for TCG goodies! :D check out all the details here.

remember to follow WarcraftPets on twitter, and stay tuned for their NEW facebook fanpage!

i can't wait for the cubbie to be released (july 26th). it will match perfectly with my striped nightsaber mount lol.


  1. I preordered with the site, since I know it helps WPets somewhat financially and the cost wasn't that much more than simply buying it from the lowest seller. Plus, having a chance at a very expensive pet (Spectral Cub) I may never obtain any other way was pretty tempting!

  2. @Harval: good luck on the spectral tiger cub!


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