Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Ready For Teddy

guess what tomorrow is?! tuesday! er, yea. but it will also be the day that i unlock my first hyjal vendor and buy the hyjal bear cub. i'm excited! sure, it's just the baby bear model, reskinned, but 1 - it's adorable and looks like a classic teddy bear, and 2 - it's a new companion that will chase me around stormwind when i'm bored or pick up my spirits when i'm down and out. :)

i've decided to go with completing calling the ancients quest first. it will ultimately award a few extra marks with an unlocked daily AND grant me access to a new vanity pet. i consider it the most "balanced" route.

on a side yet related note, i really like how blizzard made three options in terms of quest progression and reward. there's the min-maxing for the most marks quest (additional armaments), the more vanity/lore oriented quest (filling the moonwell), and then the somewhere in-between quest (calling the ancients). it makes someone like me (who's more indecisive) a bit anxious when it comes time to choose between the three, but i like the overall ability to control my adventure.

not to mention the non-combat companions are guaranteed. there's no worrying about the pets disappearing, or RNG not being in your favor, or a certain amount of time to get it all completed. it takes some effort, energy and patience on your part, but it's just a matter of time until you get them.

i'm pretty satisfied with how all of this played out, even if the entire process takes a month and involves an often chaotic and hectic questing experience just outside of the sanctuary areas. (epic pvp battles, anyone? i try to stay out of it but sometimes things... happen... most of the time it usually results in me running back to my body lol)

so it looks like i'll be getting the cub first and the crimson lasher second. after that, i'm not sure if i'll try my luck at zen'vorka's cache or not.

while the searing scorchling has been confirmed to be a random drop from the cache (on the PTR), the other baby elemental pets...? they have NOT been confirmed as potential drops and personally i find it unlikely since the wowhead and mmo-champion databases have yet to come up with an item ID for the spell IDs (whirling waveling, swirling stormling, rumbling rockling) associated with them. i also have doubts about the frigid frostling being in zen'vorka's cache. who knows, though? we'll see.

since i was lucky enough to acquire both the scorchling and frostling, unless the other three elemental pets are confirmed drops, i really don't have much use for the cache.

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