Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Business Matter

upon waking up this morning, a thought occurred to me: why can jepetto joybuzz expand his toy business into stormwind and orgrimmar, but breanni's pet supplies are no where to be found?

with all the companion pets running around lately, you'd think that the demand and need for pet supplies in the major cities would be on the rise. except most probably don't want to travel all the way to northrend just to grab a leash and a few pet toys. it's only smart business sense that breanni expand her store further!

i get that jepetto and breanni can't actually leave their shops in dalaran, because a shop unattended is just asking to be robbed, but jepetto seems to have found a way around this. he's outsourced and hired someone to manage his wares in both faction capitals, craggle wobbletop in stormwind and blax bottlerocket in orgrimmar. so why can't breanni do the same?

and i can think of a few "pet shop assistants" that would be very willing to take on the task of managing breanni's horde and alliance stores: doobjanka the goblin for orgrimmar and quintessence the night elf or weena the draenei for stormwind? *wink* :P

although... i hear that quintessence likes to "test" all the toys out on her own pets before selling them, so don't be surprised if you buy a semi-used item if she's allowed to sell breanni's goods. XD

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