Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yet Another Hyjal Update

despite my initial belief that i had finally finished untangling the new hyjal dailies, there's an update to phase 3 and onward - additional armaments unlocks a daily (or two or whatever!) awarding only TWO marks (total) per day.

thanks to all keeping me updated on this storyline!

so to compare:
- calling the ancients = extra 3 marks per day

- filling the moonwell = lump sum of 10 marks (is it 10 or 15? wowhead's guide states it awards a one time deal of 15 marks for the entire side quest chain)

- additional armaments = 2 extra marks per day
i'm just a little bit flustered since this last phase involving the three vendor specific quests wasn't entirely clear (and it still may not be) until someone tested it on live servers. one source said one thing, while another said something completely different, and yet another mentioned slightly different details. /facepalm

anyway, bottom line is this:
- when working on completing the 150 mark quests, you should be earning 25 marks per day

- when working on completing the FIRST 125 marks quest, you should be earning 26 marks per day (note: depending upon which vendor you unlock first, second and third, your earned marks per day may vary from other players)

- at the end of the entire storyline, you should be earning 30-31 marks per day
what i've learned from all of this? it's best not to try and compare your progress with other people (and writing a guide/overview is not an easy task!). it will only confuse you and tangle your confidence in your progression up. in a situation such as this were everything is pretty much guaranteed in time, just enjoy yourself, have fun during the progression, and have peace of mind that you will get to the end and reap the rewards (yay pets!) eventually.


  1. These were my thoughts basically; just enjoy yourself. The lines really won't take that long to complete regardless of what order you do them in, which is why I didn't read or pay attention to much of anything regarding which was would get me a couple of marks faster. The sheer number you can earn daily pretty much ensures that you will reach the end of the storyline at the same pace and most will probably end up with extra marks anyhow.

    I decided to unlock the vendor without any pets first, since I know the pets are only a week or so away anyhow and getting the guy who has the best gear selection for me makes the most sense.

  2. @Harval: this storyline was pretty satisfying overall (other than the bugs and initial confusion). but now that it's almost over, i'm wondering what to do with myself! :P


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