Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sit Kitty, Sit

as the image above shows, blizzard seems to have updated the older cat pets to include the sit and lie down animation in patch 4.2.

i'm really glad that the developers are taking the time to consider and even adjust some of the older pets to keep them on par with the newer ones. not all changes will be as welcome since it all comes down to preference. some like the originals to stay original, while others want to see their old time favorites receive some of the new swag. however, just the fact that blizzard is showing that they haven't forgotten that older companions need some love too is a good sign of balance and compromise.

personally, i think it's quite cute for the older cat models. the sit animation is slightly awkward since it was obviously designed for a larger and "fluffier" model, but i think that awkwardness just adds to its charm. it reminds me of my cat on a hot day; slightly reclined in a somewhat lazy position and trying to cool off haha.

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